Reporting and Procedures

The university police maintain information in this section about reporting crimes, suspicious behavior and individuals experiencing difficulty, along with common procedures for victim and witness protection and sexual assault cases.


Reporting Crimes

Basic information on when and how to report crimes or suspicious behavior, and what to expect once you have reported

Crime Reporting Information


Sexual Assault Case Procedures

Overview of sexual assault case procedures including what to do immediately, who to contact, where to seek assistance, your options for legal proceedings and confidentiality, and disciplinary and legal actions that may be pursued

Sexual Assault Case Procedure Information


Victim and Witness Information

Summary of your rights as a victim or witness of a crime with links to applicable Missouri laws and legal resources

Victim and Witness Information


UCARE - Assistance and Intervention

Members of the campus community are encouraged to contact UCARE when concerned about a student facing difficulty, regardless of how insignificant the concern may seem




Complaint/Compliment Procedures

Procedures and contacts for filing complaints against members of the university police department regarding alleged/suspected violations of laws or department policies, or compliments for exceptional service

Complaint and Compliment Information