Emergency Notification System

Missouri S&T maintains an alert website with up-to-date information on issued alerts, precautionary messages, and campus operating conditions. In addition, Missouri S&T’s Mass Notification System (MNS) is designed to alert the campus community to a potential threat or emergency situation via SMS, phone and email.

Sign Up for Emergency Alerts


When Alerts are Sent

Threat of Physical Harm

If danger is imminent or there is the threat of physical harm, such as the possibility of an active shooter on or approaching campus, the university will issue an alert as soon as officials are made aware of the situation. They will notify campus through electronic means consisting of phone, text and email notifications to all who are registered for the MNS.

Other Emergencies

In the event of other emergency situations, the campus community will be notified through electronic means. In the event of a fire, chemical spill, bomb threat or similar emergency, individuals in the immediate area will be notified through fire alarms and should evacuate the area.


During inclement weather conditions, members of the campus community should seek information from online sources such as weather.com or from local news media outlets that provide National Weather Service information, such as the campus’s NPR affiliate, KMST (88.5 FM). If conditions are favorable for a tornado, listen for the City of Rolla’s civil defense sirens to sound and take shelter. Missouri S&T may issue an electronic notification in the event of a tornado warning in Phelps County if time permits.